Sunday, August 24, 2014

It Is Fall Again

Here we go again... the start of a new "school year."

We've been to one Not-Back-To-School park day, and DS1's co-op classes have started already. The class that I'm teaching at our co-op starts the Monday after Labor Day.

Our life-adventure / vacation for this year starts in a few days. We weren't able to take a vacation this summer due to DH's job. So we're driving cross-country (west) in the fall, instead of cross-country (east) in the summer like last year.

Our activities for this "school year" include WWHM which we call "Monday School" (it's a co-op ministry), Boy Scouts, twice-weekly PE classes, FLICT (see previous post), handbells, Theraplay, barbershop singing, and church activities. And that list is just things that include the boys. :-)

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