Monday, September 02, 2013


We are now part of yet one more homeschooling group. This is good, though, because FLICT is a very good fit for us. It is the next in a lineage of groups of independent minded, yet not isolated, homeschoolers in our area.


Free Learning Wichita is FLICT's full name. (ICT is Wichita's airport abbreviation and a well known local shorthand for our city.)

We have 10 families in the Facebook group. I think 7 of them came to our first group event. We had Wii games, Lego, Zometool, chalk drawing, Minecraft, some other computer games, In a Pickle, chess, some other board/character games, Magic the Gathering, toddler-sized blocks and puzzles, lunch, babies nursing, moms chatting, and probably several other activities that I missed seeing. All in just over 2 hours! The church building was left as clean and tidy as we found it, and kids and adults want to do it again.



  1. Hi,
    We're planning a move to Wichita in January, from the UK. I 'unschool' our 5 year old boy and am trying to find out whether there are any meetups and activities we can join as soon as we arrive. My boy loves being with other kids so it would be great if we could jump straight into things when we get to Wichita. You mentioned the groups 'WIHS, YEA, HANCK, WHEF, and now FLICT'. I'm struggling to find them online-do they have yahoo group or facebook pages? On facebook I looked fro FLICT and for Free Learning Wichita and couldn't find it.
    Best wishes

  2. WHEF is on Facebook. The group name is Wichita Home Educating Families, it is a closed group, but you should be able to find it and request to join. FLICT is a secret group. When you get to KS you'll want to check out the KS law. We home educators are technically non-accredited private schools. The mandatory attendance age is 7, so you don't even have to register right away. I look forward to meeting you.