Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Not Back To School - Again

FLICT hosted a Not Back to School park day today!

I wasn't able to attend, but DH & our boys had a good time. The temperature was in the 60s, so no one played in the water feature at the park. They took a croquet set, which was a hit.

Last week I learned that a few of FLICT's original families are not staying in the group, so I was sad that "it's happening again." It is tough to form a cohesive group with a bunch of people who thrive on being independent. FLICT is still together, though. We'll adjust and keep going. There are families in FLICT that I have known for 8, possibly close to 9 years. There are also some that I have known only slightly over a year. They are all great people, striving to do the best for their families. Unfortunately, that means we won't see some of them as often, but with the way things go in this town, I'm sure we'll run into them once in a while.

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