Friday, October 03, 2008

What a great day

We went to Old Cowtown for a 1870's style county fair this morning. The boys liked the midway games, bowling, water pump, sack swing, and May Pole the best. They also noticed/saw an organ grinder, the blacksmith, a seamstress, the saloon, upstairs bedrooms over a shop, the carpenter shop, a hand-pump train car, the telegraph office, the Wheel of Fortune, the Tent of Wonders, and the modern fire trucks.

We had a map and used it to find a few specific things, then the boys circled all of the places that we visited. Before we went in, they did a good job of staying close to me and out of trouble while I was collecting money and checking in the other homeschoolers in our group. After we were finished we stopped by the funny airplane/cow "barnstorming" sculpture near the parking lot.

We drove through McDonald's to pick up lunch and ate a picnic in the basement. In the afternoon they taught me how to play SuperCow, which is a pc video game that we got from Nick Arcade. Later in the afternoon we played outside, drawing in the driveway, then shooting hoops, then we created a bowling game. The target was the bricks between our 2 garage doors. Then scoring rings (expanding diameters) were added. The scoring and rules became more interesting and complex as we went along. The best part was that they were cooperating! They were being active and creative and cooperative, all at the same time.

When Daddy came home, they explained the game to him, and all 4 of us played a round. DS1 wrote down the scores in columns (some individual scores were several added together because if you got a double digit hit, then you got another turn), then added all 3 numbers together.

After dinner we had "movie night" with Toy Story and popcorn.

If we were a "subject area" focused HS, I bet there wouldn't be an area that wasn't touched today.

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