Thursday, October 23, 2008

Food Pyramid

This evening at dinner, DS1 taught me about the food pyramid. He learned about it at Tiger Cub Scouts Monday evening. We hadn't talked about it since DH and he discussed it on the way home Monday night. DS1 told me the names of the different food categories, how many servings were suggested in each, what foods went in the categories, and what the shape of the category was on the pyramid. I asked him to draw it for me, so he did, including labeling each place with the initial of the category as he told me the category name. He also analyzed dinner, telling us in which category each food on the table belonged.

I am so pleased and impressed that he remembered so much detail from something that he learned 2 days ago and hadn't discussed since. I'm also very impressed with how well he articulated that knowledge, both to me and to Grandpa later in the evening. I am pretty sure that this was his first exposure to the food pyramid. If I am wrong on that, then it was at least 2 years ago when he was attending daycare when he was 4.

When dinner was over, I told him that we had just had a science lesson, and he had been the teacher! I wrote on the back of his food pyramid diagram, describing the discussion, and I will save that one for his "records."

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