Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tiger Cub Scout

DS1 is now a Tiger Cub Scout.

He and DH went to their first pack meeting tonight. (We went to a picnic this summer to meet some of the other people.) Apparently there were quite a few more people there than the leadership expected: 47 boys plus parents. Tigers always have a parent attend with, but the older boys attend den meetings on their own.

There are 8 boys in DS1's den. We were told that they like to keep it around 6, so if any more boys join they will probably split into 2 Tiger dens. The den leader is a man. Several of the Tigers had moms with them. I'm glad it was a mix.

DS1 was very excited to show me his new neckerchief. He seemed to have had a good time tonight even though the first 30-45 minutes were announcements and awards that didn't really interest him. The next several weeks will be den meetings. The pack meets as a whole once a month, usually.

I remember attending pack meetings with my dad and brothers when I was quite young. My dad was the Cubmaster at that time. He has served the Boy Scouts in just about every role in the troop, I suspect. I hope there are some things that are appropriate for younger siblings to tag along. I'd like to introduce DS2 to Scouting a little more over the next 2 years as DS1 gets going.

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