Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Roadschooling - days 6-7

Day 6

DS1 learned how to "break camp" this morning. He helped Daddy get things ready to go before we left, and he helped with the checklist, also. We spent a lot of time driving today. We had a couple of nice visits with DH's relatives and got 2 free meals, too. DSs got a bit antsy at both places, but they amused themselves fairly well. At DH's aunt & uncle's they invented a card game, using a cribbage "29" score board to keep score. At DH's cousin's, DS1 taught our hostess how to play Black Box, which is a logic/geometry game. Both boys also enjoyed playing a verbal game they call "Guess Why". It's based on the book Q is for Duck by Michael Folsom and Mary Elting. A sample is, "E is for food, guess why? Because you eat it."

Our only touristy activity was stopping at Carhenge, an amusing replica of Stonehenge, near Alliance, NE. After we found our campsite at Enders Reservoir state recreation area, we tried out DS2's telescope. I think something inside was out of place, because we couldn't see anything through the telescope. We could, however, see many many stars with the naked eye. Even without a star chart DH and I were able to identity several constellations. The boys recognized the big and little dippers.

Note to self: If driving an RV, stay on paved roads after dark OR check out the park/campground before spending 2 hours with relatives around dinnertime.
Another note to self: When backing an RV in the dark, on a narrow, bumpy, dirt road (because doing that is less treacherous than going forward), the outside guide needs a flashlight to shine on herself so the driver can see her hand directions.

Day 7

This morning was beautiful. We got to see the campground, too. :-) We ate breakfast outside and took our only family pictures (of all 4 of us) with our camera's timer. DS2 got to push the button because he could run fast enough to get into place. We had a picnic lunch at a rest area in NE and also stopped to run and play at our favorite I-70 rest area near Ellsworth, KS. Entertainment today consisted of Black Box, several different card games, and the CD Rhinoceros Tap.

Now we're happy to be home. The food (of which we took too much) is put back in the frig and pantry. Blankets are back on our beds. Everything else is in the living room, waiting for tomorrow.

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