Saturday, July 21, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I ordered Sonlight's K level science from another homeschooler. It came last week, but we waited to open it until tonight. My purchase included the instructor's guide, activity worksheets, Usborne's Science Activites Vol. 2 book (experiments), SL's non-consumable science supply kit (used several years), the K science kit, and Sonlight's Discover and Do DVD of all of the experiments in the book. DH and the boys watched the DVD introduction and several experiments in the "Science with air" and "Science in the kitchen" sections. DS1 and DH were both very engrossed in the DVD. It looks very fun! I think DH will want to do this part of our homeschooling. :-)

Here is another good experiment website that was recommended on the SL forums:
Easy Science Experiment Projects at Steve Spangler Science

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