Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Field Trip

Today we went on our first homeschool field trip. It is monarch butterfly tagging season at Botanica. The Sonlight Mom's fellowship group organized a trip. We had about 30 kids. DS1 didn't want to go in after we got up to the gate, but I talked him into it after he saw the rest of the group gathered around a table watching something going on. It was butterfly tagging. Our group tagged 4 butterflies. Then we split into age groups, each with a separate guide, and had an hour (or so) tour. Both boys did really well holding my hand all of the time, staying on the path, and not touching the plants. By the end, DS1 was eager to "follow our leader" ahead of me and DS2, and talked with her some also. They both liked feeding the fish, too. Interestingly, after our tour guide dismissed us and we were on our own, DS1 started acting up a bit and didn't cooperate when it was time to leave.

After finding our car using the emergency button because it was in a different section than I remembered, we went to United Methodist Urban Ministry's Klothes Kloset to donate a lot of clothing. It was 80 pieces of kid's clothing from me and my sister, plus about 10 pieces of adult clothing from my dad. Then we played at Hyde Park. I'm trying to get us to visit all of the local parks that have playground equipment. The city's web page says there are 76 playgrounds located in city parks. I think we've been to 14 so far.

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