Thursday, February 16, 2006


While looking for some tangram links, I found Hoagies' Kids & Teens: Young Kids page. It came up because of RoboPacker which is similar but uses different shapes. I also found Smart Hands-On Toys at Hoagies which has a link to 3-D Tangrams at the online store MindWare. It's a game with 4 sets of tangram pieces that stand on a base and connect together to form the shapes. Funorama has a simple page, but it does include a printable color page for tangram pieces, and 3 sheets with 3-4 pictures each. It's interesting that the simpler (more solid) a piece looks, the more difficult it actually is to create (especially if the pattern is the same size as the pieces). Topuzzle has a page for Tangram Puzzle that appears to be written by someone whose first language is not English. It is fairly easy to understand, has a printable puzzle pieces pages, and many puzzle pages that are grouped well. This page has instructions and diagrams for making tangram pieces from a sheet of paper. I already know how to do that, though, because my mom taught me. We used to make them for her to use in the library with the elementary kids she taught. Thanks Mom! Man, I miss her!

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