Friday, August 19, 2005

Puberty - future reference

From HomeschoolingForBoys email list (in response to a query about a "coming of age" study for boys and the book mentioned:

Just a caution here about the "Every Young Man's Battle" book. It is very graphic and is especially addressed to older teens & young adults who may find themselves struggling already in the area of lust and promiscuity. I won't let my 15 and 16 year old read it because it is just too descriptive and might put thoughts into their head that I know haven't occurred yet (With no TV, limited videos, and modestly dressed female friends, they have not been introduced to much in the way of visual stimulation and have no
serious interest in girls (yet)).

That said, the same authors of the above book have published a book called "Preparing Your Sons For Every Man's Battle." This addresses some of the concerns that have been raised by parents and is written for a father (or mother if single parenting) to read and discuss with their pre-adolescent or adolescent son, beginning around age 12 or after. My husband and older sons will be using it this fall. As with many of these books, it should be pre-read by the parent first to see if there are chapters you would rather leave out. The author is very honest about his struggles with sexual sin as
a young man but he does an excellent job of presenting issues and I especially like the questions he suggests to encourage discussions on these topics with your son.

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