Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transcripts Already?

I am currently (yes, really, right now) listening to a live webinar from Lee Binz of The HomeScholar about high school transcripts.

Since I tend to be inconsistent about keeping up with all of my good intentions, I figured if I got started now and practiced a little, maybe I would be ready when the time comes.

Some interesting tidbits:
  • Boys Scouts can probably be counted as PE because of all the camping and hiking. It can also be "leadership training", especially for boys who end up earning Eagle rank.
  • Dance could be PE or Fine Arts. 
  • High school level work taken early may be counted as a high school credit. (Think advanced student.)
  • When including these early classes, put the year the class was taken not "in 7th grade."
  • Any work done while high school age may be counted as a high school credit. (Think remedial student.)
  • College level work may be counted as a high school credit. (Think dual enrollment.)
  • Keep a transcript even if they don't think they are college bound. (Opinions sometimes change, or the transcript might come in handy for other purposes.)
  • Determine credit count (1 or .5) based on books or hours.
  • Activities can be counted as a class or as an activity, but shouldn't be listed as both.
  • Unschooling life learning activities can be tracked by topics and hours, then grouped together. When a group reaches 120-180 hours, you can describe it as a class.
  • Classes taken away from home (co-op, online, public school, summer camp/school) can be listed on your transcript, but you should include the title and grade as listed by the source.


  1. I've been thinking about high school credits and grades, and feeling reluctant to really engage with the topic. Thanks for posting this. It's good for me to pick up the information in small doses right now!

    1. You're welcome. "Middle school" is scary enough for me, so I'm just dabbling in thinking about high school.