Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Boys being boys

My new favorite blog is Skipping School. A recent guest post titled "Boys Will Be Boys—Even When They’re Unschoolers" caught my attention enough to share it with anyone who actually still reads my blog after almost a year of inactivity. (Hi Cindy!)

I don't like fighting. Or arguing. So when my boys disagree in voices that sound like arguing to me, I get upset. It also bothers me that their favorite Wii game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's a fighting game with Nintendo characters, but you can fight against another player, not just CPU players. Some of the characters use special Nintendo powers, and some use bombs and guns. My boys also like any game that blows up things or creatures. I'd prefer they stick with virtually blowing up things, not creatures, especially not creatures that makes noises and squirt red when they die. But I'm not a boy! 

However, I was a tomboy. (Is that term even used anymore? It's certainly not PC.) I pretended a bent stick was a gun. We played cops & robbers, kidnap, and many other imagination filled games as a kid. I was sometimes the bandit/kidnapper/thief and sometimes the cop/sheriff/rescuer and sometimes the victim. We used to tie each other up to the fence, a tree, or the pole in my friend's basement. It was great fun. Even considering my "macho" games as a young girl, my boys are different than me.

Of course they are different than me! They are wonderful unique individuals. In each of them I see aspects of myself. He is his mother's son. He is like his dad. He is who he is!

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