Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What we've been doing

A couple recent discussions have led me to want to make a list of what we have been doing for educational activities. Some of the following are at home, some are with formal outside classes, and some are informally with friends.

DS1's "2nd grade"
  • Sonlight Introduction to World History, Part 1 (Core 1) for History, Geography, Literature, and Bible
  • Handwriting without Tears
  • Sonlight Readers
  • ALEKS Math (3rd grade Mathematics with Quick Tables)
  • Singapore Math (1B and 2A)
  • Math - various other critical thinking, logic, and gifted workbooks
  • Sonlight science books & other Usborne science books
  • Science projects & experiments from various sources
  • PE - weekly classes, Track & Field meet
  • Sports camps (6 weeks each) - cricket, soccer, dodgeball, tennis, gymnastics
  • Photography camp (1 week)
  • Dance - fall - intro to tap, jazz, and ballet, with recital
  • Music - fall & spring, with recital
  • Spanish - fall & spring
  • Chemistry - fall (Real Science 4 Kids - Pre-level 1 Chem)
  • Global Art - spring
  • Cub Scouts - Earned Wolf rank & many beltloops, pins, & arrow points
  • Bowling - spring
  • Kid Zone (weekly Bible school) - fall
  • Classical music study
  • Banking, budgeting, and money management
  • Technology - typing, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Community Service - monthly Grocery Relief / Angel Food distribution
  • Sleepovers (here, at a friend's, and camping out in a tent)
  • Treasure hunts, codes, and mazes: both creating for friends & figuring them out
  • Field trips (some might have been last year (1st grade), I'm going by memory not my calendar): Kansas Air Museum, a tractor factory, a bakery, the zoo, Exploration place, Pumpkin patch & corn maze, Cowtown, Wichita Historical Museum, Boise Discovery Center, Great Plains Nature Center

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