Monday, August 03, 2009

Plans for this year

Today has been a big day for prep work! First I ordered Core 1 and LA 1 from Sonlight late last night, then this morning I went to orientation for new Wichita West Homeschool Ministries members.

I've been mapping out our fall schedule, and I can't believe how "booked" it is. But I actually think that is going to be good, especially for me.

* Monday morning is a new co-op for us. DS1 will have RS4K Pre-Chem & Spanish. DS2 will have FIAR & Music.
* Monday evenings are Scouts. DS2 wants to be a Tiger, and based on age we could let him do that. If he were in public school he would be in K this year, but since he will be 6 in September, we might be his First Grade year, in which case he would qualify. This COULD be a really good thing... a quiet evening at home alone for me!
* Tuesday morning is PE.
* Wednesday may be another music and/or art type of class. Last fall DS1 did dance & music at enCompass, but didn't want to repeat the dance. If they had something like music theatre for 7 yr olds, he would love it. They don't have their fall schedule out yet, though.
* Wednesday evening we have church activities
* Thursday DS1 will have sports camps. They are 6 weeks at a time, but he's only doing 3 of the 12 for the year, so most of the time we will be at home. These are with the same coach as PE.
* Friday may be a gymnastics or rock climbing class at the Y. The homeschool schedule isn't available yet, even though the regular Y class schedule is ready.
* Saturday morning is going to be "Science experiments with Dad" time. DH really wants to do it, so I'm good with that. We'll be using last year's Science K from Sonlight for now, then I'll order Science 1 when they either get finished with K or get bored and want new books and experiments.

Other curricula include Handwriting Without Tears and Math On The Level. DS1 is finishing up Math-U-See's Primer, but I think we will forgo Alpha and keep doing real-life math instead. That seems to work well at this point.

I've come to the conclusion that we will do AT MOST one more activity. DS1 took a photography class at City Arts in July, which he really enjoyed, so that's on the table, too. If I'm smart, we'll hold off and add something in the spring if we're itching for more, either art, music, or something at the Y, but certainly not all 3!

We also have Sonlight Family Fellowship field trips once a month. Those have been very enjoyable this past year, and I suspect we will participate in most of them.

Plus, in case we are ever just want to play with a bunch of friends that are not part of Sonlight or WWHM, HANCK (Homeschool Activity Network - Central Kansas) has people organize play dates sporadically yet frequently.


  1. I just added myself to My 3 Boybarians's blog hop. I'm #54.

  2. We love FIAR and HWOT! Have a fun year!

  3. Oooh, Tigers is so much fun :)

    Looks like a great year. Have a wonderful journey!

  4. Sounds great! May this be your best year yet [smile].


  5. Oooo, another Sonlight mom. I hope you have a great year. Core 1 was my favorite (so far, Core 5 is starting off really, really good). Thank you for sharing in the Blog Hop.

  6. Love Sonlight... what are sonlight family fellowship???