Monday, June 01, 2009

Free Range Kids

I think I just found a new favorite blogger. This is about Life and Learning, so here's a link to go read -- I think it fits here.

My boys get to play outside without me there, but I do check out the windows often. They go to the mailbox without me to take "outgoing mail", but since they can't reach all the way to the back of the box, I have to go with them when we are getting the mail. We have a small park a block away. I can't see it from my house. So far we all go together, but there are 2 ways home, and I have let DS1 go "the other way" and meet us there. I can see the day when I will let them play at the park without me; maybe next fall when school is in session... it will be "recess" for them. :-)

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