Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gravity vs. Anti-gravity

We had a rousing game of "Gravity vs. Anti-gravity" this afternoon in the driveway. To the uninformed bystander it probably looked similar to a make-shift game of field hockey.

Gravity defended the garage, and Anti-gravity defended the street. (I was back-up to Anti-gravity to reduce the time-outs needed to retrieve the ball from the street.) Tennis rackets were used to hit a soft ball back and forth on the driveway. A line going across the driveway divided it into sides. The grass was out-of-bounds. No score was kept, but each side rejoiced when a goal was made. Good blocks and good shots were also celebrated by both sides.

My boys came up with the names based on the slope of the driveway and who had gravity on their side and who had to hit against gravity. I thought it was so clever!

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