Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ART and Letting Go

Or should that be The Art of Letting Go?

"Mommy, this is the nicest you have ever been to us!"

It's a lot easier to let go when I realize that I'm not in control anyway.

It started out as a simple sponge painting craft, with one paintbrush.

Then finger painting was added. Then painting a big piece of white paper, and hands, and arms, and the picnic table, and the deck.

Then feet were okay, and another piece of paper, and a bucket of water, and another piece of paper. The small original sponge paintings are taped to the deck railing to dry but not blow away

What a wonderful morning! When the paint was gone, they took off wet painted clothes, washed in the bucket (the 4th refill -- it had been turned into "water colors" and dumped several times), and went to the hall bathroom for a quick bath.
(The only downside was the DS2 threw some things off the deck, and since we had a weed treatment about an hour earlier, I did not want the boys to retrieve the items.)

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