Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Random Thoughts from a Homeschool Convention

Written while waiting for the last keynote speaker of the convention Saturday afternoon:

Many good workshops.

Strong Christian encouragement.

The unschooling desire in me feels out of place. My struggle will be to balance my responsibility to train my boys and teach them about God with my desire for flexibility and trusting them to learn what they need. How can I take my cues from them and still teach Biblical principles? How can I reconcile my not-so-conservative Christian views with the very conservative things I have heard here, some of which I think are really good (and some that make me cringe)? The parts that feel good and right make me feel that the "outside" things that differ are "out of place".

In homeschooling, just as in much of the rest of my life, I feel like I don't fit. I think I need to read Christian Unschooling again.

Part of me wants to resist the preachy stuff, but it comforts me and encourages and inspires me, so I am confused. I wish DH would have come to this afternoon so it would be easier to discuss. He came yesterday evening with the boys and shopped with me, but did not attend any of the workshops.

What I bought: a big tub of pattern blocks, 3 lap size white boards and 2 packages of white board crayons, 2 software programs: Clifford (DS2) and a 3 pack of Adventure Workshop for ages 4-6 (DS1), Math U See primer level and blocks, and 2 cassettes of sessions for DH (that he requested). Saturday evening we all played with the blocks making patterns up; I think I had as much fun as the boys.

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